Big data meets spend analytics

We anonymise purchasing data from the public & private sectors to drive better procurement decisions

Everything you need to know

We turn raw purchasing data into essential insight, reducing spend and propelling P2P time.

Reduce P2P time

Streamline current e-tendering/OJEU processes and instantly compare prices from suppliers, saving copious amounts of sourcing time.

Reduce costs

Instant product & category price benchmarking by a variety of variables; location, quantity, buyer profile and more. Compare paid prices to establish real market prices and reduce costs.

Instant insight

Get deeper insight into your procurement landscape including spend breakdown by peer/industry/supplier, price fluctuations, margins made, market share per vendor, and more.


Big procurement data available on tap, anywhere, anytime.

Invaluable insight

We work with the public & private sectors by turning their raw purchasing data into meaningful insight, in the context of the wider marketplace.

Our ‘contributed’ data model is best thought of as a co-operation between procurement professionals, each contributing their own raw data into the collective pot, and receiving back the combined effort of everyone’s data. ALL data is anonymised so as not to reveal the purchaser.

We provide an interactive web-platform, allowing you to check your purchasing performance against peers. By slicing & dicing the data, you can build on-the-fly bespoke reports; whether it's a product by quantity or category by supplier market share.

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Feature demos

Feature: find like-for-like prices

View price changes on any product purchased, or grouped product (e.g. '22" LCD Monitors'). Charts, figures, tables and all the other elements of the page can be filtered by any 'variable' such as quantity, date or even product-specific variations such as colour.

Feature: real category market intelligence

Get a holistic view of what's really happening in a given category. We chart real transactions, showing total volume of spend, trends, potential savings, market share per supplier and more.


Feature: sanity check quotes

We chart thousands of products so finding the product you've been quoted is as easy as 1-2-3. Filter by CPV code, brand, generic keywords or product-specific variations. We'll even recommend alternative products matching the criteria that represent a cost saving.

Feature: we do the heavy lifting in negotiation

Monitor price offered vs. price paid to explore average discounts on each product for easy savings. We do the heavy lifting to make negotiations and pricing discussions easier.

Feature: know who's who in the market

We gather supplier intelligence so you know who you're dealing with. Chart suppliers by their volume supplied (size), cheapest, average & most expensive rates for products, price trends and much more.

How we do it

1. Raw data - we work directly with organisations within the public & private sectors, as an independent third party.

2. Cleansing - where the magic happens. All the data – no matter the format – is fed into our ‘washing machine’ which categorises and uniforms to the data sets.

3. Insight -we turn the data into insight by enriching it with other market information and other contributing organisation’s matching data. Subscribers can use the data to drive better informed decisions.

Oh, and you can access from any device.

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Every organisation is sitting on 'big data' that, with the right approach, can be turned into a valuable asset.

After one of the most intensive 12 month entrepreneurial incubators (New Entrepreneurs Foundation), backed by leading entrepreneurs including Brent Hoberman, Sir Charles Dunstone, Lord Davies, et al, and after extensive testing of hypotheses that included engaging with 450 procurement professionals, we identified that all procurement professionals needed was...

A simple mechanism to make sense of their purchasing data, to drive cost reduction and reduce purchase-to-pay times.

We’re passionate about procurement and helping organisations drive efficiency, especially the public sector where there is a societal obligation to reduce spend. We’re all under more & more pressure to reduce spend and squeeze every penny, and usually within less & less time.

Applying tech start-up principles to an industry that is often overlooked, we KNOW there are hundreds of millions of pounds of potential annual cost savings that can be delivered, but until now, no easy way of obtaining them.

We’re not offering an alternative way to buy. We’re merely providing the tools you need to unlock the cost & time savings sitting within your ordinary procurement framework. They exist; we intend to help you find them.

Here's what you're telling us...

92% of you use essential cloud procurement software.

Lack of price benchmarking & systems integration are the biggest procurement pains.

95% of you would like peer pricing visibility in purchasing.

All on a Software-as-a-Service basis

Pricing is available on demand. We don’t publish our pricing as it elastic and based on two factors...

££/ month
For organisations looking access data without contribution
Unlimited access
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All purchasing categories
No usage limits
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£/ month
For organisations looking to contribute plus access data
Unlimited access
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All purchasing categories
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We’re not secretive about pricing and are happy to provide a rough idea on costs within a working hour.

Naturally, everything we do is focused on return on investment (ROI). However, as there are no similar services on the market, we cannot unfortunately benchmark our own prices.

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